4wd wreckers Brisbane, QLD

It’s high time you make some cash against your used 4×4 and Trucks. Don’t you think so too?

Especially if the cash can be as high as a whopping $15999!!

We bet, your eyes just opened up wider than ever when you read that price. And let us tell you, you can truly make such huge cash, simply by putting up your old, used, and even damaged 4×4 and Trucks for sale in Brisbane.

As the leading Brisbane 4wd wreckers, we take our ability to seamlessly remove in use, used, or even unusable 4×4 and Trucks, as a matter of sheer pride. Why? The reason is simple. Once the vehicles have served their purpose, all they do is occupy the precious space in your home garage or office. Moreover, they’re a sore sight for the eye, especially if every time you glance upon them, you have a sinking feeling just by thinking about the massive towing charges you might have to pay.

But guess what? When you choose Cash for Car for having your 4×4 and Trucks removed from your premises, not only do we pay you in cash for the same, we also offer complimentary towing service. Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get your vehicle towed. Not unless you are in the hands of our proficient team.

We know, you’re all excited, and want to know more about this! Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here’s our highly expedient 4wd wrecking process!

  • Call us at 0458 968 531 or fill out a quick form by clicking here for a no-obligation quote.
  • Book an appointment for Same Day Free Car Removal.
  • Earn up to $15999 for your old, used, and even damaged or thoroughly wrecked cars!

The moment you book an appointment with us to wreck your 4×4 or Truck, our 4wd wreckers team will gear up and reach your desired location – whether it is your home, office, or a garage – anywhere in Brisbane or anywhere in Queensland for that matter.

  • No matter the make, model, condition of your 4×4 and Trucks, we offer cash for them all.
  • No matter, whether your vehicle is With Title or Without, we still offer cash for them all.
  • No matter the location of your vehicle, we offer free towing for them all.
  • And the best takeaway – we offer guaranteed on the spot cash payment for them all.

What are you still waiting for? We’re Your 4wd wreckers in Brisbane are just a call away. Your cash is just a call away!